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PADDLEPOWER Fundraising Tool Kit

Our Thanks to PADDLEPOWER 2017 participants

Thank you for participating in this year's PADDLEPOWER, a multi-faceted fundraising adventure including a two-day canoe/kayak trip down the Connecticut River and a Sunday morning hike on the Hazen Trail in Wilder, VT. West Central Behavioral Health hosts PADDLEPOWER each year to raise awareness of depression and suicide, and to raise money for suicide prevention and our emergency services program.
In an effort to help you raise money for this important cause, we have created several documents that you can review, download, cut-and-paste, or print and share with your family and friends. These documents provide information about the event, our cause, suicide statistics in this region and across the country, and a sample solicitation letter that will inspire your own personal statements, letters, and emails. We have also provided a document that can be used as PADDLEPOWER stationery - just print the page, reload into your printer and publish your own materials.

2017 PADDLEPOWER Fact Sheet (View/Download PDF)
2017 PADDLEPOWER Sample Fundraising Letter (View/Download PDF)
2017 PADDLEPOWER Stationery (View/Download PDF)
2017 PADDLEPOWER Sponsor Sheet (View/Download PDF)
2017 PADDLEPOWER Brochure (View/Download PDF)
2017 PADDLEPOWER Map (View/Download PDF)
2017 PADDLEPOWER Ad (View/Download PDF)
Hazen Trail Information (View/Download PDF)
Hazen Trail Topographic Map (View/Download PDF)

Our Cause

Suicide is a major public health problem

Though not often discussed, suicide consistently ranks eighth among the top 10 leading causes of death in our country. For people under age 35, it is the third leading cause of death. In the United States, it is estimated that one person dies by suicide every 14.2 minutes; about 2,500 people attempt suicide every day.

Closer to home, suicide is the ninth leading cause of death in New Hampshire and Vermont. This year alone, in the Twin States, more than 200 people will die by suicide (about 80 percent of these are men), and more than 2,000 people will attempt suicide.

Your Help Matters

Proceeds from PADDLEPOWER support the emergency mental health services West Central Behavioral Health provides to the community. Operated by a staff of highly trained and dedicated mental health clinicians, our 24-hour crisis hotline is available to anyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced counselors are always on call to offer information and support to people in need. They respond to about 3,000 emergency calls every year. To reach a trained clinician during a mental health crisis, NH residents may call 800-564-2578, or call from anywhere 603-542-2578.

West Central behavioral Health is a nonprofit mental health agency based in Lebanon, N.H., with outpatient clinics in Lebanon, Newport, and Claremont, N.H. WCBH provides a full continuum of mental health support services to about 3,000 clients of all ages each year, and is a leader in implementing the latest evidence-based mental health interventions.

Every donation to PADDLEPOWER stays right in our area. Your help ensures that emergency services continue to be provided to anyone in need by West Central Behavioral Health.